Still alive!


Despite the long hiatus, I am still alive and slowly working on updates to the site. 

Thanks to the help of a few fellow enthusiasts I've been able to expand my library of source materials, and should be able to expand on a few areas of the site that are currently lacking in detail. 

The long-awaited Royal Artillery markings are coming, honest.

Watch this space.

Quick Update

Apologies for the lack of updates lately - returning to work has rather taken over my time.

However, the summer holidays are almost here, and I've got several more books in the post, which should help me to flesh out some more details.

Stay tuned for:
  • A separate page for Royal Artillery markings - Done 08/02/21
  • An overview/timeline of the movement of armoured and tank regiments between independent brigades, - Done 24/07/20
  • More details about bridge classification markings - Done 22/07/20
  • Formation badges for Commonwealth and Empire infantry formations
  • Organisation and markings for Airborne Divisions - Done 23/07/20
  • An overview of AoS serials for Corps, Army, Army Group and GHQ troops. - WIP 25/07/20
  • Markings and Organisational Timeline of the 79th Armoured Division - Done 14/08/20
  • An overview of AoS serials for 21st Army Group AGRAs - Done 29/08/20
  • Organisation and markings for Special Service Group - Done 30/08/20
  • An overview/timeline of the movement of armoured regiments between armoured divisions, - Done 22/09
Additionally, thanks to everyone who's offered comments and feedback so far, it's been greatly appreciated.




Hello and welcome.

As a wargamer, model maker, history buff, train nerd and general information sponge, I have often been frustrated at the lack of information to be found online about particular topics of interest. Old railway timetables, for instance, or more importantly for the purposes of this blog, details of the intricate system of vehicle markings used by the British army during the Second World War.

While this information does exist, it's often incomplete or inaccessible. Google searches turn up years-old forum threads, full of dead links to sorely-missed websites, or recommendations for books that have been out of print for thirty years, the only remaining extant copies lying forgotten in attics, waiting to be thrown out by exasperated relatives when their owners eventually pass away.

As such, this is an attempt to collate and digitise some of this information, to make it well presented and easily accessible, and to hopefully alleviate some of the frustration felt by the amateur historian.

This page is very much a work in progress, but I hope there are people out there to whom it will prove useful.

Please use the menu to the left to navigate through the site.